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Guanghua Dream Business School was awarded “Brand Program of Life-long Learning”, always in the exploration for a future-oriented learning-for-all center

Release time:2019-11-11 15:05

  On 8th Nov 2019, the opening ceremony of the Week of Life-long Learning for All themed “to promote life-long learning for all and to accelerate the building of learning country” was held in Zhengzhou. After preliminary project application, review of expert panel and online polling, Guanghua Education Group’s Dream Business School won the honorable title of “Brand Program of Life-long Learning”

Dr Lu Yuzong, Chairman and CEO was present at the ceremony and gave an address at the seminar of learning city building. In the address titled “the Innovation of Education ---Future Education Complex and Life-long Learning”, Dr Lu Yuzong shared his views from three perspectives: challenges faced with current education, vista of future education and Guanghua’s exploration in life-long learning.

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