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Nine offers from Oxford, eight from Cambridge--- Guanghua’s 2020 score of students’ admissions to Oxford and Cambridge

Release time:2020-01-19 15:16

  On 14th and 15th Jan, 2020, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge released the result of this year’s admission respectively. Guanghua’s students got nine Oxford offers and eight Cambridge offers, a new record for Guanghua, among which Guanghua Cambridge International School received all nine Oxford offers and four Cambridge offers, and Guanghua Qidi international education attained four Cambridge offers.

According to the statistics of Topmedia and Newschool Insight Media, two major media in education, there have been 116 Oxford offers and 124 Cambridge offers received by Chinese students in the year 2020. Guanghua has remained among the top three institutions with most offers from Oxford and Cambridge in China for five consecutive years.

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