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Key Word of September: Harvest

Release time:2020-09-30 09:22


Nine Oxford and seven Cambridge offers ---- the final admission result of GuangHua Education Group in 2020

Recently, GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE, GUANGHUA QIDI, etc. announced their final admission result. According to incomplete statistical data, among the   students of 2020 GUANGHUA international course, nine students will eventually enter Oxford University and seven students will enter Cambridge University. There will be 33, 17 and 120 students enrolled in the other three universities of G5, namely, Imperial College, LSE and UCL respectively. Well-known comprehensive colleges and universities also include Vanderbilt University, UC Berkeley, USC, and Rhode Island School of Design, Berklee College of Music and other top art colleges.

Gratitude to teachers ---- GUANGHUA campuses hold a series of activities to celebrate Teachers’ Day

On the 36th Teachers’ day, GUANGHUA campuses carried out a number of activities to salute teachers. GUANGNHUA QIDI organized its annual selection of excellent teachers. Bole (Talent Scout) Award, Talent Cultivation Award, Dedication Award and Assistance Award are awarded to encourage and reward teachers who are conscientious in teaching. GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE and GUANGHUA ACADEMY prepared exquisite gifts and desserts for teachers. Students sent greeting cards and gifts to convey respect and wishes.

Wonderful campus activities in September

With sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance and cool autumn wind, various student clubs in GUANGHUA campuses displayed their unique skills to welcome and attract fresh blood. GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE held a Story Telling Contest for freshmen and Lion Music Festival. GUANGHUA ACADEMY held a basketball competition, in which students of all grades displayed their talents, a showcase of colorful campus culture and vitality of GUANGHUA students.

the basketball competition

baker assoication of RUIAN

the lion music festival



News of Education Industry

China to reopen entry by foreign nationals holding three categories of valid Chinese residence permits

On September 23, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China and the National Immigration Administration issued "Announcement on the Temporary Suspension of Entry by Foreign Nationals Holding Valid Chinese Visas or Residence Permits", which states that starting 0:00 am, Sept 28, 2020, foreign nationals holding valid Chinese residence permits for work, personal matters and reunion are allowed to enter China with no need for applying for new visas. Holders of the above three categories of residence permits, which expired after 0:00 am, March 28, may apply for relevant visas by presenting the expired residence permits and relevant materials to the Chinese embassies or consulates on the condition that the purpose of the holders' visit to China remains unchanged. The above-mentioned personnel shall strictly abide by the Chinese regulations on epidemic prevention and control.(Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Immigration Administration)

Ministry of Education decided to cancel Certificate of Returned Oversea Students from November 1

On September 17, Ministry of Education issued an announcement to cancel the certificate of returned students from November 1, 2020. As of October 1, 2020, the Chinese embassies and consulates abroad will no longer accept the application. If an application has been submitted before September 30, 2020, the embassies and consulates abroad shall provide corresponding services according to the wishes of the students studying abroad. If it has been accepted and issued by the embassy or consulate later than November 1, 2020, the certificate of returned students is still valid.(Ministry of Education)

CB announced that AP will sign up for a new partner in China this year

In September 25th, American College Board (CB) announced that in the 2020-2021 academic year, CB will cooperate with Prometric in organizing AP registration and examination in Mainland China. This means that the cooperation with NEEA to provide AP registration for mainland candidates will be history. Prometric, also known as Prometric Testing, is the largest computerized education and examination certification service company in the world.(CB Offical Website)

International vision

Princeton is the winner of the USNews National University Rankings

On September 14, U.S. News, one of the most authoritative ranking organizations in the world, officially released the 2021 best college rankings. Compared with previous years, this year's top 3 universities are still dominated by Princeton, Harvard and Columbia universities. MIT and Yale University are tied for fourth place. Other top 10 universities are Stanford University and University of Chicago tied for sixth place, University of Pennsylvania is eighth, California Institute of technology, Johns Hopkins University and northwestern University are ninth. Compared with last year, Caltech is in the top 10, while Duke University, which finished 10th last year, is 12th this year.(

ETS officially released the minimum TOEFL score requirements of the top 100 universities in the United States, and 100% of the British institutions accepted TOEFL

Recently,American Educational Testing Service offical released the minimum requirements for TOEFL scores in the top 100 universities of the United States. On September 23, the official website of TOEFL announced that 100% of British institutions, including 100% of Russell Group famous schools, have accepted TOEFL.

It is understood that with the trend of Multi Country joint application, the TOEFL test has been recognized by more than 11000 comprehensive universities, institutions and other colleges in more than 150 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as Europe and Asia as a whole.  ( America Overseas study Center)

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