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Release time:2020-08-31 13:06

The impact of the global epidemic is still continuing, and the subject of "school opening" is in front of us as September approaches. Under the instruction of the Ministry of education, "safe, normal and comprehensive opening", GUANGHUA campuses have taken active actions to prepare for the opening of the school. GUANGHUA South campus has ushered in its first freshmen since its establishment. Looking at the world, British and American universities have begun to adjust their autumn admission and Application policies.

Dynamic of GUANGHUA

Exploration camp in Yangtze River Delta

Go out of the classroom, learn in play, study in fun. In August, GUANGHUA Zhuoyue · Yangtze River Delta exploration camp opened. Guanghua youth entered Shanghai Meifan yacht club and yeludang scenic spot of Huanghai in Dafeng District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. They had close contact with mountains, seas and natural creatures, experienced the fun of riding the wind and waves and exploring nature, and gained the learning ability of creation and cooperation.

Zhang Liang, vice president of Guanghua Education Group have a share in BEED Asia Summit

On August 3, the BEED2020 Asian school construction conference was held in Shanghai. Zhang Liang, vice president and chief Education officer of Guanghua Education Group, was invited to share the comprehensive quality of bilingual international course teachers and how to improve them in the post epidemic era. Zhang Liang explained the "three hearts and six qualities" of international curriculum teachers, shared the dimensions and methods of continuous improvement of literacy, and emphasized the importance of bilingual ability, lifelong learning and scientific and technological literacy. Based on many years of school running experience, Guanghua Education Group has established the management standards of collectivized school running, such as curriculum development and supporting, teacher and management personnel training, campus construction and management, campus culture and brand construction.

All campuses have opened, and GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE South Campus has ushered in its first freshmen

At the end of August, GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE's main campus and south campus, Guanghua enlightenment began to open in succession. On August 21, GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE South Cam pus held the opening ceremony to welcome the first freshmen. Dr. Qu Peng, executive vice president of GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE, delivered a speech. Lei Dongdong, President of GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE, said that this year, the number of applicants for the lightsaber examination has reached a new high. The enrollment of GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE South Campus has been recognized by the market, and more than 300 applicants have emerged as freshmen of GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE and its south campus.

Education foresight

The Ministry of education plans to do a good job in education and teaching and epidemic prevention and control in the autumn semester of 2020

n August 20th, 《novel coronavirus pneumonia and the prevention and control of epidemic situation in 2020》 were issued by the Ministry of education. The four points were to make good preparations for the autumn term education and teaching and the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, pointing out that we should comprehensively restore the order of education and teaching, scientifically and accurately control epidemic prevention and control on campus, enhance emergency response capabilities, and strengthen leadership and implementation responsibilities.

Executive meeting of the State Council: Teachers' qualification for graduates with master's degree or above in education and normal students at public expense are exempted from examination

On August 17, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council presided over the executive meeting of the State Council, which decided to promote the reform of teacher qualification accreditation of normal university graduates and promote their employment in teaching. The meeting decided that, on the basis of the phased measures of "taking the post first and then obtaining the certificate" for teachers' professional qualification, the reform of teachers' qualification exemption for normal graduates should be promoted, and a system for assessing the teaching ability of normal students by teachers' education institutions should be established. We will speed up efforts to allow graduates with master's degree or above in education and public funded normal university students to be exempted from the examination to determine their teacher qualifications.

The Ministry of education and other six departments issued a paper: serious governance of minors' Network Environment

On August 28, the Ministry of education, the State Administration of press and publication and other six departments jointly issued the "notice on joint implementation of special governance action for minors' network environment" to launch a special control action for minors' network environment, aiming at the current situation that minors are addicted to the Internet, the real name system of online games has not been fully implemented, and online violence such as abuse on social platforms has been launched Before the end of November, we will complete the centralized rectification, and by the end of December this year, we will complete the self inspection summary and report.

Cambridge International voice: Students' A-level final score will not be lower than the estimated score

On August 13, after 2020 global A-level scores were released, thousands of students protested in the UK because more than 40% of students' scores were lower than teachers' estimated scores; on August 17, Ofqual, the UK's examination regulator, announced that all the estimated scores were restored to A / A *, and the degraded students' scores were restored to their original estimated scores. Cambridge International also responded by saying, "the final score of students will not be lower than the expected score. If a student's score on the 13th is higher than the expected score, the highest score will be retained. "

Three adjustments to the IB course test in 2021

In mid August, IB official informed that the IB examination in May 2021 would be reformed in three aspects: postpone the introduction of revised subject guide for the first teaching in 2021-2022, CAS requirements and the adjustment of May 2021 to reduce the loss of teaching time to students, as well as the school's logistics challenges, and help IB school plan a controllable, practical and realizable teaching experience in the new academic year.

International vision

The number of undergraduate applications in the UK has increased rather than decreased

In early August, QS (quacquarelli Symonds), a global higher education analysis agency, released 《a report on how the new epidemic affects international students》. The data showed that nearly 70% of Chinese students' plans to study abroad were affected, but only 4% of them gave up going abroad. According to the UK undergraduate application data 2020 released by UCAS in July, the number of students applying for admission to UK universities in 2020 reached the highest level in nearly four years, and the number of mainland students applying for undergraduate education in China increased by 24% compared with last year. The popularity of studying abroad did not show obvious decline.

22 American universities adjust their early application policies, and 15 British universities update their admission policies in autumn

Affected by the epidemic, most universities in the United States have adjusted their standardization policies. In order to ensure the enrollment rate next year, 22 American universities, including Baylor University and Emerson College, have issued new early admission policies. At the beginning of August, the British government announced that schools in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would open as scheduled. Recently, eight British universities, including Nottingham, have updated their registration policies for the autumn opening and introduced specific measures for isolated accommodation and teaching forms.

The number of flights between China and the United States increased to 16 a week

On August 18, local time, the U.S. Department of transportation announced that according to the decision of order No. 2020-8-6, Chinese airlines are allowed to increase the number of scheduled passenger flights to and from the United States to eight a week, which is equivalent to the total number of flights recently allowed by the Civil Aviation Administration of China to fly by American carriers, and the order takes effect immediately.

Before that, the airlines of China and the United States operated four flights a week, a total of eight flights; after the expansion, the number of China US round-trip routes will double to a total of 16 flights a week.

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