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New Semester, we are ready!

Release time:2020-08-28 09:56

On August 21st and 22nd, 2020, new term of GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE began at its main campus and south campus. More than 300 students stood out from nearly 2500 applicants and become the 2020 GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE freshmen.

At the opening ceremony of GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE, the president, Dr. Lei Dongdong, delivered the expectation to the freshmen: “the more you go abroad, the more patriotic you will become. If China wants to enhance its international status, a large number of elites are needed who are familiar with both Chinese and Western cultures, proficient in both Chinese and English languages, and understand how the world operates, and you shoulder great responsibilities.”

Pudong campus of GUANGHUA QIDI opened in the first half of 2020. On August 16th, Pudong campus held a parents’ meeting to introduce to the new students and their parents the specific setups of the new campus and teaching plans for the new semester.

In early September, GUANGHUA ACADEMY, International Department of Ruian Middle School and National High School of Yancheng Foreign Language School will also hold opening ceremony to welcome new students.

GUANGHUA QIDI opened the new Pudong campus in the first half of 2020. On August 16, enlighten Pudong campus held a parents' meeting to introduce the specific setting of the new campus and the teaching plan for the new semester to the students and their parents who are about to start their new semester life in the new campus.

In early September, GUANGHUA ACADEMY,International Departmentof Ruian middle school and National High School of Yancheng foreign language school will also hold opening ceremony to welcome new students.


In order to welcome the start of school season, the construction of campus culture in Guanghua summer vacation is progressing steadily. Guanghua campus has been renovated and ready to welcome teachers and students home with a new look.

New Semester

In order to keep all students in health, Guanghua campuses continue to strengthen their work of epidemic prevention and control .

GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE has carried out ventilation and disinfection in dormitories and classrooms in advance, and asked students to return school at different times. At registration sites, the freshmen and their parents followed relevant instructions and security guards, wearing masks throughout the whole process, with their health QR codes showed, and body temperature taken. All procedures were well-ordered.


In order to further improve the comprehensive qualities and abilities of young teachers, promote daily teaching, and help new teachers better integrate into Guanghua, GUANGHUA CAMBRIDGE and other campuses organized training activities. By holding thematic seminars, departments of different subjects worked together to raise the level of teaching and research .

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