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Guanghua Cambridge 2021 Graduation Ceremony and 10th Anniversary Celebration

Release time:2021-06-14 09:19

Guanghua Cambridge 2021 Graduation Ceremony and 10th Anniversary Celebration

Shanghai Primus Hotel 

On June 13, 2021, Guanghua Cambridge 2021 Graduation Ceremony and 10th Anniversary Celebration was held in the ballroom of Shanghai Primus Hotel.

Dr. Yuzong Lu, Chairman of Guanghua Education.

Dr. Dongdong Lei, Principal of Guanghua Cambridge.

Ms. Ying Sheng, director of Guanghua Education.

Mr. Shi Yi, Vice Principal of Guanghua Cambridge.

Mr. Wenjuan Wang, Vice Principal of Guanghua Cambridge.

Mr. Guangshi Chen, Vice Principal of Guanghua Cambridge,

Dr. Peng Qu, Vice Principal of Guanghua Cambridge,

The principals of other brother schools of the Guanghua Education,

Staffs from various departments of the Guanghua Education,

The founding team of Guanghua Cambridge,

Community representatives,

Class of 2021 and their parents,

gathered together to witness this glorious moment.

The time tunnel recorded the development of Guanghua Cambridge in the past ten years, a signature wall that has been well-designed, a honor wall printed with all the graduate photos and offers, and a huge wall where people can take photo with Dr. Lei, Alan and two Cambridge bears. This year’s designs are full of details and left perfect images to the graduates and guests on this special day. Trying to find a grateful teacher in the crowd. Make a finger heart with your lovely friend or laughing with them. Each beautiful moment has been recorded into eternal pictures.

Photo wall

Demeanor of hosts

The graduation ceremony was hosted by the 2021 graduates: Yichen Shou, Chenfeng Zao, Haoyan Yu and Xinzhe Jiang.

Show the flag respect

Once the ceremony began, every participants stand up and show their respect to the National Flag of the People’s Republic of China.  "The March of Volunteers" is impassioned with patriotic blood surging in the chest.  The eyes of the graduates are shining. They are about to go to the world, but always been deeply rooted in the fertile soil of the motherland.

Impressive speech

Address from Dr.Lei

Three years’ school life is indispensable for Dr. Lei’s exhortation and this is not the only speech she has made in the past ten years. At this special day, the leader of the big family of Guanghua Cambridge once again used her own personal experience to point out the direction for the students who are listening under the stage. Dr. Lei reviewed the achievements made by the A2 students, and feel proud of the class of 2021 in the past three years.

Next, Dr. Lei shared her journey with everyone as talking with family members.  She said her destiny has not been arranged as she once thought before but left her in the torrent of this era. Forced her to get stronger or left behind. Life is full of surprises. This may be the wonder of life, which makes you full of awe and anticipation.

Starting by herself, she shared a truth with everyone. Rather than saying that” character determines destiny”, She believes “value determines destiny”. A person who treats others kindly, treats the world nicely, be positive, optimistic, enterprising, and firm. No matter what kind of personality that person has, he/she should be able to live a good life. Other than treat other kindly, Dr. Lei once again explained the motto of Guanghua Cambridge “Be the best of yourself”. She explained that “be the best you can be” means to understand yourself, understand your strength and weakness; it also means accept your ordinariness, you should try to make your effort when you have tried your best, you should calmly accept whatever the result is.

At the end of the speech, Dr. Lei gave her thanks to everyone who came along the way with Guanghua Cambridge. She said: “We have met many people, experienced many things, and witnessed the ups and downs in these ten years.  Every entrepreneur is worthy of admiration, and every striver is worthy of respect. The best of a person is that his eyes have stories, but his face has no vicissitudes.  The happiest time in life is when we are chasing our dreams and we are always on the path."

Speech by Zhihe Lei, a graduate

Zhihe Lei is a key player in the school’s female volleyball team. At the same time, she is a super scholar who get the offer from Oxford chemistry major. At the ceremony, she gave a speech as a student representative.

Recalling the school life in Guanghua Cambridge, she said: “From strangeness and fear to familiar and usual, then this feeling becmes reluctance. Guanghua Cambridge recorded our best age and happiest memory. Classmates from all over the world already forged a deep friendship in the three years. We sign the flies of time, promise more long-lasting friendship, and look forward to the future.

Zhihe Lei feels very grateful to the teachers he met in Guanghua Cambridge, she also appreciates the support and trust come from her parents. She said: “We are a very lucky class of graduates; we have the opportunity to gather together here to celebrate the 10th birthday for Guanghua Cambridge while we are graduating at the same time. In the past ten years, Guanghua Cambridge has sent out brilliant students one after another, and we, has also become a witness for another year. We are witnessing the shinning age of Guanghua Cambridge.” On behalf of the class of 2021, she sincerely blesses Guanghua for a better future and speak to her classmate: Happy Graduation!

Speech by Junting Shen ,Alumni

Junting Shen, a graduate from class of 2015 made a speech as the representative of alumni of Guanghua Cambridge. He chose to follow his heart, keep working and fighting at the field he loves in China after finished the master degree at Imperial College.

In Junting Shen’s speech, he said the phrase of “be the best of yourself” does not limit at the school time in Guanghua Cambridge, it is still very meaningful today. When I’m facing a fork in the road, this phrase said by Dr. Lei encourage me to make the decision to follow my heart by recall the fearless and brave time of me at Guanghua and the passion and expectation during my graduation ceremony”. “I believe my education and my past experiences are cornerstone of my achievement. Just like other Guanghua Cambridge alumin, we all firmly believe we can do better and achieve success in the future.

In the end, Junting Shen congratulats class of 2021 on becoming the youngest alumni of Guanghua Cambridge. Moreover, blesses Guanghua Cambridge to have more outstanding student.

Speech by Mr. Wenjuan Wang, Vice principle

Wenjuang Wang made a speech on the stage as the representative of the founding team of Guanghua Cambridge. She was the first batch of employee who joined Guanghua Cambridge. In her speech, she mentioned the first generation of Guanghua was not perfect but brilliant and lovely.  When the class of 2021 are about to change from “students” to “alumni”, she sent her unique instruction as a mother.

Always be grateful.

Be grateful to teachers, all of their love and knowledge have been given to you; be grateful to your parents, you may not achieve today’s score without their company and support; be grateful to your classmate, you can absorb more knowledge because they are here; be grateful to this era, to our country, there is no happiness and growth of us without a powerful and flourishing country.

Do not waive learning.

Get admitted by a university does not mean the end of learning, attending to college also does not mean the peak of your knowledge. In the era of rapid change, you must have the ability to show your real strength.

Understand yourself correctly.

The road of life has to be accompanied by both thorns and flowers. Do not forget to be humble when you succeed, and do not forget “nobody has made in vain” when you are frustrated. Never give up yourself, you can only succeed when you understand yourself correctly.

Be kind to everyone.

“No one is perfect, no gold is pure”, “The sea admits hundreds of river for its capacity to hold”. Everyone should learn how to understand others and be kind.

Speech by Dr. Yuzong Lu, Chairman of Guanghau Education

Back in August, 2011, at the first opening ceremony of Guanghua Cambridge, Dr.YuZong Lu described the teaching goal of Guanghua Cambridge as “Civic education, scientific spirit, international perspective”. He hopes Guanghua Cambridge will become an excellent international school in the future. Ten years later, Guanghua Cambridge and students in it have achieve many impressive results. From a beginner, turn into the most prominent A-level school in Shanghai or in China.

Global perspective

Dr. Yuzong Lu said the next step will go aboard. Facing unacquainted culture, completely different political and society system. This is not on an impact or a challenge, but also a valuable experience and practice. Dr.Lu hopes everyone will not only master their academic knowledges but also broad their horizon, learn other’s advantage. We can be a “personality independence”, “open thinking”, “cultural tolerance”, “steady principle” and a “flexible” person if we keep in mind “The sea admits hundreds of river for its capacity to hold”.


Dr. Yuzong Lu believes that citizenship is the sense of responsibility to the country and to others. When you come to Guanghua, you become a part of Guanghua People. It represents courage and liability, represents responsibility and sentiment. He yearned that every Guanghua Cambridge student can proudly say he/she is an eligible citizen of the world.

Innovative spirit

He also mentioned that Guanghua has been committed to foster the spirit of innovation. Innovation allow us to break through the norm and let us develop rapidly; it also makes us to focus on the unmeasurable time. Dr.Yuzong Lu also introduce recent project of Guanghua, he wish student can be more creative and continue to grow.

Eighteen years old represents a new starting point. Immaturity and naive will fade away gradually from them. They will face more challenges in the future and take more responsibilities. During the graduation ceremony, school held an initiation rite for the students. They followed the lead of the main guest, gave their thanks to their parent for bring them up, and appreciate their teacher for their teaching. I hope they will become adults who know how to become grateful, keep looking for improvement, and responsible at this vigorous.

We are very fortunate to be together on this special day to witness the brilliant achievements of lightsaber's ten-year development!  Ten years of trees, a hundred years of trees.  On the road of international education, Guanghua Cambridge has only stood at a new starting point for ten years.  A new starting point, a new journey, and a long road ahead. May we continue to be the best ourselves!  Dear lightsaber students, happy graduation!  May you have a bright future and a bright future!

A gift from fraternal schools

Yujun Chen, the principle of Yan Cheng Foreign language school, Zhixiang Peng, the principle of Yu Hang Guanghua foreign language school, specially presented a precious gift to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Guanghua.

Issuing a graduation certificate

Finally it is the time for the turn the tassel and issue the graduation certificate ceremony . Guanghua Students in the bachelor unifroms came to the stage to wait for the principal Dr.Lei to turn the tassel, and received the graducation certificate from Shi Yi, the vice principal.

Group photo of the class with graduation certificate.

10th Anniversary Award

Guanghua Cambridge can achieve such brilliant results in the past ten years that is inseparable from the steady foundation laid by the teachers of the start team and the teachers who have contributed to the Guanghua Cambridge for a long time. Dr. Yuzong Lu, Chairman of Guanghua Education, Dr. Dongdong Lei, Principal of Guanghua Cambridge, Dr. Dongdong Lei, Principal of Guanghua Cambridge, Mr. Zhenglin Li, vice Chairman of Guanghua Cambridge, took the stage to present long-term contribution awards to the start team teacher or who have worked in Guanghua Cambridge for more than five years. Thanks them for their hard working.

Oustanding graduate awards

Dr. Yuzong Lu, Chairman of Guanghua Education, Dr. Dongdong Lei, Principal of Guanghua Cambridge came on the stage once again to present awards to Guanghua Cambridge’s 2021 outstanding gradates. On the Campus of Guanghua Cambridge. these students not only study hard work and self-discipline in life, but also are very enthusiastic about school activities and class affairs. Congrates to these student who got these titles.

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