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Graduation Ceremony of Class of 2021 of Guanghuamei High School

Release time:2021-07-02 13:17

At the end of May, durian flowers burned like fire, and stones melted as gold. Guanghua Academy has held its graduation ceremony for class 2021 in Wenzhou, where is known as “the landscape of southeast is the best under heaven”. Vice president of Guanghua Education, Mr. Zhenglin, President of Guanghua Academy, WanJie, Vice president of Guanghua Academy, Dr. Hanbng Lin, Vice president of Guanghua Academy, Jing Wang, all teachers, graduates, their parents, and some representative of lower students attended the ceremony.

We graduated!

The Commemorative Album of Youth

Before the ceremony began, the living and studying things have been shown on the screen and made everyone laugh. Teachers and students have been immersed in the pieces of the past three years. They were childish teenagers back at that time, but now they are prospective college students who are ready to go to study in a famed university in another country.

Then, the graduation ceremony started with the solemn national anthem. The ceremony was presided over by Yining Di, a junior schoolmate. Jie Wan, the principal of Guanghua Academy, gave a speech.

Principal Wan congratulated the graduates and then reviewed the development of our school in the past three years. Then he sent three affection hopes to the graduates: first, hope students can have ambition, be ideal, and pursue people. Second, hope that the students will cherish the time, be a traveler who never forgets your original intentions. Third, hope that the students will guard against arrogance, be humble people who move forward with burdens. Finally, Wan School said emotionally: "No matter where the students are in the future, everyone is welcome to go home and have a look!"

Then, Chinese teacher Jia Ding, foreign teacher Cameron, graduate representative student Wei Chen, graduate representative student Yutian Feng, parent representative Mr. Liwen Yang, guest Ms. Ling Zhang, and eleventh-grade student representative Tongyan Liu gave speeches in turn.

At this time of parting, the teachers expressed their earnest expectations of their students; Apart from worrying about the pandemic, parents also expressed their firm support for their children's choices.

Ten years of hard study, just for the title on the golden list, every step of the growth of the students is inseparable from the contribution of the teachers and parents. Now you are about to say farewell to the past and ready to start again with confidence, but we still hope you remember the remind from teachers and parents.


Issue the certificate

At the end of the ceremony, 25 graduates in bachelor's uniforms took the stage to accept Principal Wan Jie's crowning and the graduation certificates solemnly. Principal Wan shook hands with each student, condolence, and took photos together. The smiling faces brought a happy and complete end to the high school study career of the graduates. The teachers and parents witnessed this glorious moment.

Unforgettable moments

Graduation message

In the cheerful atmosphere, this graduation ceremony ended successfully. The gathering is not the start, and dispersing does not mean the end. With the ardent expectation of the school and the sincere blessings of the teachers, you are about to go abroad and start on a new journey. From now on, there will be flowers and thorns. I hope you will have your dreams, go forward, fly higher, and bloom your light to the world.

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