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Run With Dream And Dream With Life

Release time:2021-06-15 14:18

June 11, 2021 for many people, it may be just a day, but not for the graduates of Guanghua QiDi.

This day is unforgettable in their high school life.

On this day, they finished the last class at QiDi.

On this day, they got the tickets for the next journey.


On this day, they are the protagonist of this dream theater.

On this day, chemistry teacher” Yao” takes her QD dance troupe and brings you the beauty of “Crystal Sky of Yesterday”

On this day, the “parents” of QiDi once again taught students a lesson about the future.

They said that there is still a long path for you,

You will need more effort and hold more responsibility,

When you are facing the unknown,

there is no need to hesitate and panic.

They will always witness here.

On this day, we receive the “confession” from you,

humor makes everyone happy,

but with a little bit of sweet sorrow.

After all,

We will be in different cities, different countries, even different times…

However, I believe optimistic you can always find ways to get together.

“take care of yourself ways in the foreign land” …

Is all I want to say.

On this day, there is still a group of lovely people who witness your growth,

They were always on your side, support you without voice.

So when your flowers go on their hand,

The stare will relief are hard to forget.

Know how to be grateful is necessary for everyone,

it’s also the subject for the final lesson.

Thanks to teachers and family,

but don’t forget to thank yourself.

Because behind the offers you received,

are the sweat and dreams you had.


Who have dreams are felicity,

Who have dreams are full of strength.

For the future,

keep the effort up,

the class of 2021.


Run with dream,

dream with life


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