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Guanghua Blossoms with Innovation

Release time:2023-08-14 10:18


Guanghua Education Group, founded on the same day as the opening of Beijing Olympic Games, is celebrating its 15th birthday today.

For more than 5,000 days and nights, we trekked through all difficulties and forged ahead all along. Our slogan “Choose Guanghua for a brighter future” echoed as we went forward for the past 15 years, and with the motto “Fight to be the best of yourself” pushing ourselves, the original commitment of building a leading international education flagship this vision has become clearly visible in our practice. 


The goal of Guanghua is not simply becoming top ones regarding scale and performance of enterprise. We persist firmly in the idea that innovation leads to future, and now the overall positioning of Guanghua has been adjusted from “an international education group” to “an innovative education group”. 

New period gives us a new mission which needs a new culture to lead. Back to the very original intention of running a school, continuous innovation is always what Guanghua adheres to, and also the driving force for Guanghua to keep moving forward. At this special moment of the 15th anniversary, the new brand slogan of “Guanghua blossoms with innovation” is officially unveiled, and it will lead all Guanghua people to embrace a better future with innovative thinking.

We sow the seeds of hope in this fertile land of education, and we firmly believe that they will eventually bloom brightly. 

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