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Bright because of you ---Guanghua Education Group successfully held its tenth anniversary celebration

Release time:2018-12-11 14:38

  On 9th Dec 2018, the tenth anniversary celebration of Guanghua Education Group themed “Bright because of you” was held in Xianghuitang Auditorium at Fudan University, with almost a thousand people, including guests from various circles, representatives of teachers, students, alumnus, parents of Guanghua’s schools, Guanghua’s staff and their relatives, gathered together and witness the grand occasion. The name “Guanghua” (meaning “bright”) implies the ideal of changing future by education, and also expresses the resolution to devote to education in the land of China. From only eleven students in 2008 to more than 20000 students at present, Guanghua’s development and achievements is an epitome of the reform and innovation of Chinese education, and is inseparable from support of national policies, advancement of education ideas, care and help from friends in various industries and also the unwavering resolve and arduous efforts of Guanghuaners.






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