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Guanghua Education Group and Tencent signed strategic cooperation agreement

Release time:2018-12-29 14:46

  On 28th Dec 2018, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Guanghua Education Group and Tencent on digital campus building was held at the headquarters of Guanghua Education Group. On the basis of complementary advantages and resource sharing, the two will carry out in-depth cooperation in digital campus and relevant fields. Guanghua has many subordinate international schools and education institutions already equipped with systematic informatization infrastructure. By cooperating with Tencent, Guanghua hopes to further improve the level of informatization among its schools by means of Tencent’s technical capacities like big data and cloud computing. Meanwhile, with its resources and advantages, Guanghua will assist Tencent Weixiao School in building innovative labs of internet education in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities.

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